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Part metal, part punk, part rock and roll, The Occult hails from Montreal Canada & is built through the lens of the Thrash metal scene of the 80’s, the Seattle scene of the late 80’s and the New York scene of the early 90’s. Following the footsteps of giants like Metallica, Type O Negative and The Ramones, The Occult’s main focus is a high intensity delivery, which is sure to please any crowd of misfits. Whether your shaking that booty or hunting your friends, The Occult has something for the everyday degenerate. Spawned from the sick and twisted mind of main songwriter and lead singer Eric Savanis, the band covers an array of topics like religion, the everyday horrors of life as well as the monsters in parliament. Coming off a year of successful of shows, particularly opening up for Gothic horror punk band Wednesday 13 at legendary venue Foufounes électrique, the band is aiming to come out leaner and meaner in 2023!

“We certainly have a dark sense of humour that permeates throughout the songs. I suppose a good analogy would be when the Vikings used to invade neighbouring countries they would slay everyone in the village & then celebrate by having a big feast. The dichotomy of murdering people and then having a big party afterwords is just absolutely insane. The Occult certainly falls under that umbrella of insanity where murder and death, among other things, are celebrated in a tongue in cheek fictitious context.”

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